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When you are using your personal computer for leisure, work or study desktop is one of its most popular elements. Shortcuts, archives, folders and documents either created on the PC or downloaded from the Internet are stored there.The desktop is the face of your operating system and your computer. It goes without saying that this desktop face reflects our preferences and world outlook. That's why no wonder that any user is trying to make his or her computer desktop unique. The operating system settings and desktop wallpaper will help us with this issue. Wallpapers mirror our mood, feelings, dreams and desires.
Today desktop wallpapers have become a kind of modern art!
Each of us has their own attitude towards wallpapers for desktop and periodicity of their replacing. Someone would prefer to choose one wallpaper and spend every passing day enjoying it.
Another person changes them rather quickly. Whatever operating system we use, it has pre-installed desktop backgrounds.
However, because of their low quality and limited number millions of PC users resort to additional wallpaper archives.
The topic of wallpapers is rather widespread in the Internet. Finding the wallpaper you need in the Internet may seem to be as easy as falling off the log, but when it comes to it the situation is quite different.
There are very few websites offering you unique, high-quality, containing no watermark and matching your screen resolution background wallpapers for your PC, mobile phone and tablet PC.
By the way, speaking about the screen resolution you should take it into consideration when choosing wallpaper, for in the end you can get not the result you were expecting.
If the resolution is smaller than your screen then the wallpaper will occupy only its part. If the wallpaper is larger than the screen then it will look crumpled or you will be able to see only part of the image.
Wallpapers        People wallpapers

People wallpapers

Unknown Beautys
Eva Mendes A
Larissa Riquelme
Taking into consideration the aforesaid we are glad to introduce desktop wallpaper's site Background Pictures to the Internet community which meets all necessary requirements.
Background Pictures is a huge archive encompassing tens of thousands desktop wallpapers subdivided into wallpaper categories to make it even easier for you.
Background Pictures can boast of fine design, user-friendly intuitive interface and, what is very important, daily update.
Each wallpaper for desktop placed on the site has today's most popular screen resolutions.
We offer you wallpapers for computer desktop with the following resolution:1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1600x900, 1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1080 and 1920x1200.
Also we have mobile wallpapers for gadgets with such screen resolution: 480x234, 128x128, 128x160, 172x220, 176x220, 240x320, 96x65, 95x95, 101x80, 128x112, 130x130, 174x132 and 176x208.
It is worthwhile noting that practically every mobile wallpaper is presented here for the first time, which means that you have an excellent opportunity to make your portable assistant desktop really unique.
We would like you to turn your attention to the wallpaper categories. Their number is striking. No matter what your preferences are, you are sure to find the free desktop wallpaper you need.
And now we are going to describe in graphic detail all wallpaper categories available at Background Pictures.
3D wallpapers
Our impressive, vivid and fascinating 3D wallpapers collection will not leave anyone untouched. Each 3D wallpaper is wonderful so it's hard to resist the idea of choosing it as your desktop background.
We have selected only the best wallpapers for you. Don't put to the back burner the possibility to free download best 3D wallpapers to your computer and use them as the desktop backgrounds.
Hot wallpapers
Women like men and men like women, so no wonder that many members of the sterner sex use as desktop wallpapers hot beautiful girls. These cool wallpapers are really a feast for men's eyes and take their breath away.
If you want to feel new emotions and wild desire and get enjoyed then beautiful girls' wallpapers are the right choice for you. Every our hot wallpaper deserves being your desktop background.
Don't hesitate and add some zest to your PC with the help of free hot wallpapers by Background Pictures.
Wallpapers        Anime wallpapers

Anime wallpapers

U R Da Best
Angel Sky
Teraa Ofq I
Cheetah Watch
Nature wallpaper
We are always in a hurry trying to get to the top of the world. Having forgotten where we had come from we are living in big cities and pay so little attention to the nature.
Despite our devil-may-care attitude towards the world surrounding us it still makes us happy. Working on a computer in the office or relaxing at home many of us replace their desktop wallpapers by wallpapers of nature.
Flowers wallpapers are especially popular among the nature wallpapers. They fill us with harmony and pacification, which is undoubtedly extremely important in our age of stress and aggression.
Make your family and yourself happy and choose new beautiful nature wallpaper instead of the irritating desktop background.
Wallpapers        Car wallpapers

Car wallpapers

Audi R Lms Wide
Studiorender Kh
Amber Heard
Cars Car Girls
Renault Dezir X
Car wallpaper
Caris a unique product of the human thought. It reflects our life style and desires. Almost any person in the world would like to have their own car, however not everyone will get it.
That's why very often car fans use desktop background car wallpaper. In the car wallpapers category you'll face a great deal of makes of car, each of them having own collection of free wallpapers for desktop.
Dream and let your imagination run away with onecar wallpapers category presented on Background Pictures.
Wallpapers        Technology wallpapers

Technology wallpapers

Blue Rock Guitar
Lord Shiva
Windows Xp
Apple Splash X
We've stated and described the most popular free wallpapers categories. Of course, we can offer you much more.
You can free download such wallpapers as: santa banta wallpapers, Bollywood wallpapers, funny wallpapers, Christmas wallpapers, friendship and love wallpapers, etc.
Have fun and experiment with the best free wallpapers site - Background Pictures.
Background Pictures - new wallpapers for desktop for everyone!
Wallpapers        Architecture wallpapers

Architecture wallpapers

Japan Kyoto Tour
Koenamitra A
Taj Bmahal
Ba Abridges X
X Eiffel Tower
Wallpapers        Aircraft wallpapers

Aircraft wallpapers

Rj K R
Three Blackbirds
Wallpapers        Motorcycles wallpapers

Motorcycles wallpapers

Aprilia Rsv
K Bigdog X
Hot Hayabusa
Ducati W
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